Whiskey TIn Cup 10 year

Whiskey TIn Cup 10 year

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The name "Tin Cup" is "a nod to Colorado's first whiskey drinkers — the miners that came through looking for gold and drank their whiskey out of tin cups," says Garber. "The cap works as a cup too — you can use it to share with friends.”

Only a few climb the mountain. Fewer still have the will to stay. Introducing TINCUP® 10, a newly-released expression that marries the bold, pure, untamed flavor of TINCUP® with a full decade of oak barrel aging.

Tincup 10 is crafted from a blend of rye, corn, and malted barley. Distilled in TINCUP’s classic style and aged for 10 years in American oak barrels with a #3 char, it is then cut with Rocky Mountain water for a smooth flavor profile.

Color: Dark amber hue

Nose: Cinnamon, pine, honey, freshly cut grass

Palate: Sweet pepper, leather, and raisins

Finish: Caramel and biscuits