Vodka ISCO Ostreida

Vodka ISCO Ostreida

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Ostreida, The First US Vodka Distilled With Oysters

Access to sustainably grown, super fresh oysters are one of our favorite perks of living in the Ocean State—after an evening of toasting ISCO’s first year in business over oysters and cocktails, our creative team got to thinking—what would happen if we combined this quintessential New England, all-season treat from the sea with our made-from-scratch spirits? When the answer turned out to be something so very delicious, we knew we’d have to share it with the world! 

To create Ostreida, we perform a distillation using our 100% organic corn neutral spirit and just-hauled-from-the-sea local oysters. Due to our unique process—the only oyster vodka we’ve ever heard of that actually runs a distillation with oysters as part of the process, instead of added in afterwards—the spirit picks up hints of savory brine and complex oyster aromas. We let the resulting distillate rest so the flavors can meld, then gingerly bring the proof down to 80

Ostreida Oyster Vodka captures the spirit of the ocean—notes of salty seacoast and savory minerality with a subtle hint of bivalve bouquet on the nose mix sublimely with our spirits’ signature buttery texture. Like waves of briny bliss lapping the shore, sea spray on your skin, the warmth of the sun on the sand, Ostreida is the perfect expression of land and sea. Pair with fresh oysters, Castlevetrano olives, a little bit of ice, and enjoy! 

To further our commitment to supporting regenerative farming practices, we are donating a portion of sales from each bottle of Ostreida to, an organization that trains and supports ocean farmers in the era of climate change, working with coastal communities to create a blue economy