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Vodka Chopin 750ml

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A creamy and full-bodied drink, Chopin Potato Vodka is among the world's most recognized vodkas. Distilled four times, this drink has a distinct character and mellow sweetness. On the nose, Chopin Potato Vodka smells of crisp green apple and subtle vanilla. As you sip it, you'll enjoy an earthy flavor with a long finish.

Originating in Poland, Chopin vodka is great as a standalone drink that you can enjoy neat with crushed ice. It's also a nice beverage to add into martinis and cocktails for a refreshing twist. Add a dash of this gluten-free potato vodka to ginger ale or ginger beer and pour into a tall glass with muddled mint leaves for an energizing cocktail, ideal for summer. This liquor pairs well with smoked or cured meats and fish.