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Syrah Boom Boom

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Boom Boom! Syrah Red Wine is a mouth filling, rich and totally satisfying red wine blend. Explosive aromas of blackberry, boysenberry, white pepper and savory herbs dance on the nose. Its complexity and tannins are inferior to none. This red blend contains a strong helping of syrah, with a supporting cast of viognier and grenache wine grapes sourced from the Washington State winegrowing region using sustainable wine practices. This appellation is the second-largest premium wine producer in the United States and continues to grow in popularity thanks to its unique characteristics. A glass of this spicy syrah wine pairs well with lamb cutlets, slow-roasted pork tenderloin, saucy barbecue ribs or lamb meatballs. Store this bottle of wine at room temperature. When you're ready to pour a glass, make sure to refrigerate for about 30 to 60 minutes beforehand. Serve cool for optimal taste

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