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Scotch Midleton Barry Crockett

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Barry Crockett is a legend at Midleton. His official title is "Master Distiller Emeritus" and they tend to bring the veteran out of retirement to help new kids learn from the master. Back in 2011, the historic Midleton brand was set on returning their Spirits to their roots of classic, Irish pot-distilling. Barry taught them how, so they named this fine dram after him and added it to their permanent core lineup
In addition to the revived pot-distillation, one of the unique things about Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Whiskey is the unique aging combination. It’s aged in both ex-Bourbon casks AND in new American Oak. Off the top of our collective Flaviar heads, we can’t think of anyone else doing it that way. What this does is let the individual character of the malt shine through. But like all special things, it's availability is strictly limited — only 2,500 bottles per year — so get Irish and grab one of ‘em for yourself.