Sake Colorado Sake Co 375ml Horchata Nigori

Sake Colorado Sake Co 375ml Horchata Nigori

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Horchata Nigori is the cultivation of the Colorado Sake Company vision; to brew premium sake with respect for the traditional brewing process and deliver it with a uniquely American twist. This unfiltered Junmai Ginjo sake is a blissful blend of two cultures that tastes remarkably like traditional Mexican Horchata, with the mouthfeel and crisp drinkability of sake.

Our proprietary blend of Japanese and American yeast tends toward the sweeter side making this the perfect introduction for the new sake drinker or the seasoned sake lover looking for a new adventure.

Horchata Nigori is a 100% domestic Junmai Ginjo, made with only six ingredients: pure Rocky Mountain water, yeast, California grown rice, koji, cinnamon and vanilla. Served warm or cold, these diverse flavors compliment and pair well with any hearty meal or dessert course and can also make for a tasty digestive.