Sake Colorado Sake Co 375ml Blueberry Hibiscus

Sake Colorado Sake Co 375ml Blueberry Hibiscus

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Our newest release is a take on our traditional Junmai Ginjo Sake, the American Standard. Dur mission when creating this flavor was to be able to offer something that would be approachable to the newest sake drinker as well as different and intriguing for the most experienced of consumers. After brewing our traditional sake for 4 weeks, we then proceed to the secondary fermentation at which stage we are able to become a little more experimental.

Whilst this is underway, we carefully select the freshest blueberries and organic hibiscus flowers to steep into the batch. This allows the active yeast and koji enzymes to break down the fruit and flowers, culminating a balanced acid structure with a subtle sweetness provided by the fruit. The result-a delicate and refreshing, lightly sweetened beverage. This versatile edition can be paired with all types of food ranging from sashimi to your favorite pizza. Best served chilled but can be warmed to personal preference. Enjoy over ice or added to a cocktail!

Blueberry Hibiscus is 100% domestic Junmai Ginjo, made with only 6 ingredients: California grown rice, koji, yeast, pure Rocky Mountain water, fresh organic blueberries and hibiscus flowers.