White Wine Fram Grenache Gris (Orange Wine)

White Wine Fram Grenache Gris (Orange Wine)

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Grenache Gris is rarely encountered in the wild. There’s a bit planted in southern France, and some in Australia. This wine is from literally the only Grenache Gris vineyard in South Africa. 

Thinus Krüger has spent his career searching for the “here be dragons” fringes of the winemaking map, seeking out odd vineyards and interesting terroirs to make his wines from.

The goal of this was to show the many facets of the Grenache grape, and this is one of the most peculiar and awesome things we’ve tasted in the last year. This skin-fermented wine has a vibrant orange color, and a gorgeous silky texture. 

What do orange wines taste like? Well in this case, totally unique. Notes of earth and crushed flowers are the first thing jumping out of the glass, before you even get to the fruit. And wow, what fruit. Dried apricot, salted mango, and kalamansi lime come first, then rooibos and sagebrush jump onstage. A decidedly savory wine with a dry but über-textural, silky finish.