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Red Wine Capanna Rosso Di Montalcino

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As any photo from the region will show you, pretty much all Tuscan hillsides are gorgeous. But not all Tuscan hillsides are created equal when it comes to producing gorgeous Sangiovese grapes. That’s where Capanna has a leg up on its Tuscan competition.

Sitting at nearly 1,000 feet in elevation on fossil-rich “galestro” soils, Capanna’s Sangiovese vines enjoy a coveted south-easterly exposure. That translates to fully ripened (actually, perfectly ripened is more like it) Sangiovese grapes that keep their vibrancy while delivering full-on flavor impact.

Aged for up to 10 months in specially cone-shaped Slavonian oak casks, notes of herbs, flowers, red berries and vanilla waft from Capanna’s 2018 Rosso di Montalcino, while flavors of vivacious wild raspberry practically dance in the mouth. Fresh, vibrant, and long, it’s the way that premium Tuscan Sangiovese was meant to be… but at a fraction of the cost.