Nip Liqueur Rum Chata Coconut Cream

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RumChata is setting out to expand its audience and usage occasions with the launch of its newest flavor, Coconut Cream. Fans have long loved Rumchata’s unique combination of Caribbean rum, Wisconsin cream and horchata-inspired flavors that evoke vacation vibes. Now the brand is going back to its tropical roots to introduce this new warm weather staple, delivering a fresh, summery, rum-forward flavor.

“We are excited to launch RumChata Coconut Cream as the first new flavor introduction since Spirit of Gallo acquired RumChata in 2021,” says Brandon Lieb, Vice President of Spirits Marketing at Spirit of Gallo. “Our new Coconut Cream flavor lets us celebrate one of our key ingredients, premium Caribbean rum, by highlighting a popular tropical flavor that deliciously complements both the rum and the cream.”

Since launching as the first rum-based cream liqueur in 2009, RumChata has steadily grown within the category in both retail and on-premise. As the current #2 selling cream liqueur, RumChata is driving consumption among Gen Z and Millennial consumers while simultaneously bringing in more new buyers to the Spirits category than any other liqueur brand.