Misc Snacks Jerky Chef's Cut Teriyaki 454734

Misc Snacks Jerky Chef's Cut Teriyaki 454734

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Handcrafted teriyaki beef jerky

Made with quality cuts of steak

10g protein, 80 calories per serving, gluten free


Customers are demanding more from their snacks. They want quality ingredients, tons of flavor while still staying within their healthy lifestyle. Chef's Cut Jerky delivers with the finest cuts of steak, expertly cured with a blend of quality spices and other ingredients. Asian Style Teriyaki Steak Jerky offers rich beef flavor with the zesty blend of pineapple, ginger, and green tea extract for a taste that's sublime. Customers can see the quality of Chef's Cut jerky through the window of the peg bag, while call outs like 10g protein 80 calories per serving will appeal to health conscious customers. A great grab & go item.