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Mezcal Mala Idea Ensamble Joven

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Mala Idea Ensamble is made with three different types of agave. It is 66% maguey Espadin, 23% maguey Tobala, and 11% maguey Jabali. It has scents of wild flowers, pollen breeze, and sweet agave. This mezcal won the 2017 Gold Medal at the Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards.

Mala Idea, which translates to "Bad Idea" is named in celebration of everyone who follows their passions regardless of the risks and challenges they present. From semi-cultivated/wild Espadin to the truly wild agaves such as Tobala, Cuishe, and Tepextate, Mala Idea Mezcal is handcrafted to ensure the absolute best quality. All their agave is cooked in a stone horno, fermented in open-air, crushed by tahona, and distilled in copper stills.

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