Liquor RI O'Brien & Brough Absinthe

Liquor RI O'Brien & Brough Absinthe

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Distilled and Bottled by O’Brien & Brough

65% abv


This series is the culmination of our efforts to create an undeniably niche spirit, but one that we think deserves your attention. Absinthe is the key to some of the most incredible cocktails on the planet and is the perfect companion to our rye whiskeys.


While the flavor is dominated by fennel and anise, organic wormwood is the namesake herb here.

No, it does not cause hallucinations, but, yes, it may cause you to dream languidly of Parisienne cafes and La Belle Époque.


Each bottle is hand-filled, corked, and finished with a hand-stamped label. Instead of numbering each individual batch, we’re numbering each distinct version. Up first is, of course, No. 1.