Gin Stonecutter Single Barrel 750ml

Gin Stonecutter Single Barrel 750ml

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Our Single Barrel Gin was specifically designed to compliment Kentucky bourbon barrels. We hand-selected seven botanicals that highlight and enhance the warm toasted caramel notes from the barrel. 

The barrels contribute the golden straw color and round finish, blending with the woodsy green cardamom, bright orange peel and aromatic green tea.

Our Single Barrel Gin is a smooth, super sippable spirit. Enjoy it neat or over ice - equally delicious poured over a large cube with a squeeze of grapefruit or try one of these drinks.

This unique gin has won accolades, including a Good Food Award, Double Gold at San Fransisco International Spirit Awards and rom around the globe for good reason. It is a gin not to be missed.

BOTANICALS: cardamom, orange peel, coriander, juniper, licorice root, rose petals, green tea

TASTING NOTES: lush notes of cardamom spice and zesty citrus with a lingering finish of burnt butterscotch, toasted vanilla and silky caramel