Gin ISCO 750ml Patina Barrel Aged

Gin ISCO 750ml Patina Barrel Aged

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Patina perfectly embodies our commitment to superior flavor as well as to reuse and revitalization. In the same spirit with which we create our products out of a reimagined former steel yard in the heart of Providence’s Industrial Valley, we reuse the charred oak barrels initially used to age our Blue Velvet Bourbon to turn our Ornamental Gin into something entirely unique and delicious.

After following the same process to create our gin (using regionally grown organic corn and specialty botanicals), we barrel the resulting distillate at 120 proof in a charred oak barrel once used to create our Blue Velvet Bourbon. After 3 – 4 months of aging “to taste,we bottle Patina at 90 proof.

A bridge between our clear spirits and aged spirits, Patina is a great option for gin fans who want to try something new and also for those that prefer brown liquors like bourbons to clear spirits. The experience of drinking Patina is entirely different than imbibing ISCO's regular Ornamental Gin—the oak imparts flavors of sweet vanilla and caramel to the floral, herbal gin, creating complex layers that float in your mouth. Recommended cocktails: Fabulous sipped by itself on the rocks, a Bee’s Knees, or a twist on an Old Fashioned.