Cocktail Rancho La Gloria 750ml Skinny Margarita

Cocktail Rancho La Gloria 750ml Skinny Margarita

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As with all Rancho La Gloria bottled margaritas, the new skinny adaptations embody the essence of the original cocktail. Crafted with fresh lime juice and 100% Blue Weber Agave, which is harvested for USDA certified Organic Blue Agave nectar and fermented into agave wine, Rancho La Gloria's margaritas provide an authentic tequila experience that can be enjoyed on every occasion

"As one of the fastest growing ready-to-drink brands, Rancho La Gloria continues to innovate and push category boundaries with the consumer top of mind," said Russell Stanley, COO of Patco Brands."The margarita has not only become a year-round cocktail, but also the number one drink of choice in the U.S. With our new Skinny Margarita, we're pleased to offer our consumers yet another way to enjoy agave margaritas and are excited to welcome those looking for low calorie, low sugar options to the Rancho family."

Perfectly-balanced, Rancho La Gloria Skinny Margarita is bottled with the following characteristics and can be enjoyed on the rocks or blended:

  • 9.9% ABV
  • Only 90 calories and 3g carbs (per 5 fluid oz. serving)
  • Zero sugar added
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup. No Aspartame. No Artificial Flavors.