Cocktail Flybird 750ml Paloma

Cocktail Flybird 750ml Paloma

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The process is similar to making tequila. The harvested and cooked agave plants release aguamiel or "honey water" which is then fermented and filtered. At this point, instead of the aguamiel being distilled into tequila, 100% de Agave blanco tequila is added to produce a fine Mexican wine akin to its margarita roots. 100% de Agave on the label ensures the wine is of the highest quality, made with pure Agave plant. Our result is a delicious, perfectly authentic margarita, with 15.0% ABV.

Flybird Grapefruit Paloma is exploding with grapefruit flavors, layered with fresh lime and agave wine for a refreshing Paloma experience!


This easy to sip, ready-to-drink, classic margarita cocktail is flavorful, bold, and kicks a serious punch, without any hassle!

All Natural Ingredients including Natural Grapefruit Flavor, Cane Sugar, Agave Wine, Water