Champagne Laurent - Perrier Grand Siecle #26

Champagne Laurent - Perrier Grand Siecle #26

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Vintage in Champagne is usually synonymous with excellence for Prestige Cuvées. Contrarily, Laurent‑Perrier believes that only the art of assemblage can offer what nature can never provide, that is, the perfect year.

The expression of the perfect year is that of a great champagne wine that has long ageing potential and over time develops depth, intensity and aromatic complexity yet retains its freshness and vibrancy.

Due to the format, Grand Siècle in Magnum (150cl) is deliberately aged for a longer time on lees. This additional maturation leads to a further expression of Grand Siècle displaying greater aromatic depth, density and a silkier texture. Since 1959, Grand Siècle has been revealed only 26 times in bottle format and 23 times in magnum.