Beer Dogfish Head 6pk Patagonia Provisions Kernza Pils

Beer Dogfish Head 6pk Patagonia Provisions Kernza Pils

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In our continuing effort to scale regenerative farming practices, we’ve partnered with our friends at Patagonia Provisions to launch Kernza® Pils, a distinctively crisp and refreshing German-style pilsner beer made with Kernza, a remarkable perennial grain that helps draw down carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it in the ground. Hitting shelves and taps now in select markets coast to coast, Kernza Pils is the most widely-distributed Kernza-based beer on the market and marks a significant shift towards a more climate-friendly brewing industry.

In 2008, The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas made a breakthrough in regenerative agriculture with the development of a perennial grain called Kernza. Whereas most grains are planted and harvested annually, Kernza stays in the ground year after year, developing roots up to 12 feet long.

Perennial crops like Kernza are beneficial to the environment; they protect soil from erosion and improve soil structure. They increase ecosystem nutrient retention, carbon sequestration, and can contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation. And in the case of Kernza, they lend a uniquely nutty flavor that makes a delicious beer. The Patagonia Provisions and Dogfish Head collaborative launch of Kernza Pils marks an important milestone in scaling Kernza.