Wine 4pk Dear Mom 187ml Rose

Wine 4pk Dear Mom 187ml Rose

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Oregon Rosé We wanted our rose' to represent our commitment to making "wines of the south." In this case, the southwest Oregon. This delicious wine is certainly more representative of a rose' you might find in Cahors or thereabouts.

The rose' is 50% Malbec, and 50% Syrah grown in the incomparable Applegate Valley. The darker fruit of Malbec and Syrah produced a richer pink complexion, and the wine is less an exercise in austerity than last year - this wine is all about fruit.

The rose’ is 100% dry but the first thing you notice is the presence of a mouthful of bright fruit. The nose shows fresh picked strawberries with the stem still attached. Vibrant with a subtle floral tone. The palate is bright with characteristics of strawberries and watermelon sorbet. The acidity on the finish is 100% refreshment and makes you wish for just one more sip.

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