Seltzer Spindrift 12pk Variety

Seltzer Spindrift 12pk Variety

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When most people think of flavored sparkling water, they probably envision a bottle of hyper-carbonated, clear liquid with a sugary-sweet smell and nothing listed on the ingredients label. No calories, no sugars, no… actual ingredients. Just the words “natural flavors.”

What are “natural flavors”? No one really knows. But we do know that scientists have gotten pretty good at simulating the taste of just about everything. By using a combination of chemicals, you can replicate any flavor you like. And you can add it into carbonated water. But it still doesn’t taste like real fruit.

How could it? It’s a clear liquid. Even if it says “raspberry” flavor, if it’s clear when you pour it – how could that have anything to do with real raspberries? When was the last time you saw a clear raspberry?