Sake Kikushi Shinmai Shinshu Funaguchi Green Can

Sake Kikushi Shinmai Shinshu Funaguchi Green Can

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Taste the freshness of sake made with rice from the beginning of the harvest or shinmai. This sake will remind you of fresh cut grass and dawn. At 19% ABV this nama genshu (unpasteurized and undiluted) sake-in-a-can packs a real punch. Enjoy this limited edition sake that's only released once a year in the U.S. on ice with a twist of lemon.

Kikusui created the first unpasturized (nama) Sake can in 1972 and have been the leader of the segment ever since. Canned nama sake is a wonderful thing. The 200ml (one cup) cans allow for easy, light weight transport and they don't need to be constantly refrigerated like glass bottled namas.

200ml Can