Vermouth Kelley Fox 750ml 2020

Vermouth Kelley Fox 750ml 2020

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Colour- true red with blue and dark pink undertones. A delight to the eyes. Brilliant clarity. This is a botanical Pinot noir from my wines.

Sweetness- this is a sweet vermouth similar in approach to those produced in Piedmont (i.e., Vergano) but is uniquely Oregon with regard to both the base wine and the plants Stephanie sourced.

Plants: Many of the plants are ethically wildcrafted or organically grown in Oregon, with the exception of some that don't grow here, such as the spices. Wormwood, rose, elderflower, Angelica, chamomile, mugwort, hyssop, and lemon balm are a few of the Oregon plants Stephanie sourced and prepared for this vermouth.


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