Rum RI Thomas Tew Cooper's Blend Port Cask

Rum RI Thomas Tew Cooper's Blend Port Cask

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Thomas Tew Cooper’s Blend

Voyage 1 begins with our award-winning Thomas Tew Rum is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for an average of 6 years and then craftly blended to be finished in Newport Vineyards Port Casks for an additional year. The Port cask brings a depth and complexity to the rum, allowing for the bold flavors of dark fruit, smoke, spice and oak to surface.

Released in 2022



Bold blackstrap molasses, black current, and smoke. 


84 | 42%

Vanilla leads the way with plum, blackberry, and oak rounded out the palate. 


Medium body with a long complex finish. Easy to sip neat or used as a twist on the classic Old Fashioned.