PN Bethel Heights Vineyard Estate 2021

PN Bethel Heights Vineyard Estate 2021

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The Pinot Noir Estate is always the best place to start when evaluating our success or shortcoming in any given vintage. It incorporates nearly all their estate

vineyard in various amounts, and as such provides an honest evaluation of the year. The 2021 Estate Pinot Noir reflects the multifaceted nature of the vintage: the abundance of fruit from their early picks under sunny skies and the earthen

complexity we found from our older vines picked in cooler October weather. Blending the Estate is often their most difficult task because it is our largest bottling each vintage, and thus includes both our successes and shortcomings. Thanks to diligent farming from our vineyard team, attention to detail, and a fantastic winemaking team for harvest, the 2021 Estate Pinot Noir contains only successes.