Point Wine & Spirits' Favorites for Fall

Don't be ashamed of your excitement for fall beer (and ciders)! It's a delicious time of the year and Point Wine & Spirits has a large collection of pumpkin beers and sweet/spicy ciders to send your tastebuds spiraling. Take advantage of our home delivery, or come down to our shop here in Newport, Rhode Island! 
Light-bodied Pumpkin flavored seltzer, crisp, refreshing, and Pumpkin.
It's like a 9% ABV sour ale that tastes like a pumpkin pie.
This ale pours a pumpkiny amber with a nice white head with aromas of pumpkin spice and a bit of malt. Flavors of spices and cinnamon are reminiscent of the classic seasonal pie.
The King of Pumpkin Beers is now in cans and on nitro! Unleash nitro to see, hear and taste the Pumking liquid with a rich, creamy mouthfeel. 8.6% ABV 33 IBU.
What could possibly taste more like fall in New England than a cider donut. Sweet and creamy with a fresh pressed cider backbone. You can skip apple picking this year and just drink one of these.
"As American As Apple Pie" is what we are replicating with this cider. We are using a blend of American Heirloom apples and apple pie spices to create a semi-sweet cider using the best apples of the fall harvest. Cheers to Americana!
Dry Hazy Cider; packed full warming spices & pumpkin pie.
Limited edition apple cider by Liberty 9 Cocktails!