4 Cocktails You Can Make at Home for St. Patricks Day!

Our friend Tyler Bernadyn curated four cocktails you can make at home this St. Patricks Day. Come by Point Wine & Spirits for all the ingredients, or order online delivery! 

Irish Mule

Replace the vodka with whiskey and you have yourself an Irish Mule. Pour Jameson, a few drops bitters, ginger beer and lime over ice. These are great for a sunny day out on the porch. 
- Bitters
- Ginger Beer
- Lime

Five Farms Guinness Float 

Do you have a sweet tooth? The Five Farm Guinness Float is perfect dessert cocktail. Add a couple scoops vanilla ice cream to a chilled glass. Gently pour in your Guinness and finally top it off with a shot of Five Farms. (Baileys also works great!)
- Five Farms (or Baileys)
- Vanilla Ice Cream

Black Velvet

Make sure to blast, Alannah Myles, "Black Velvet" while mixing this cocktail. Get the vibes set. First, filled your chilled glass with about 70% Magners (or if you prefer Strongbow, that's fine too.) Then use a spoon to pour the Guinness over top. Drink up.

Irish Coffee

The popular Irish Coffee is a no brainer. Mix your hot coffee with some whiskey of your choice. Top it off with some whip cream -- and you are ready to go! 
- Whiskey of your choice
- Coffee
- Whipped Cream