10 Non-Alcoholic Beers To Try During Your Dry January

Point Wine & Spirits could possibly have the largest selection of non-alcoholic beer (and spirits) in Newport County. That's a total guess, but a quality assumption. If you are partaking in "dry January", we want to present 10 non-alcoholic beers worth trying this month. And if you like them, what better time to kick your drinking habit and commit to a healthier 2022! Be well. Oh, one more thing - we are happy to delivery these right to your doorstep. Just call the shop (401) 619-4863.
Made with citrusy bold, fruity Cascade, Amarillo and Citra hops, this IPA pours a brilliant gold with a bouquet of sweet florals, grapefruit and honey on a light, effervescent body with a lingering grapefruit pith bitterness after the swallow.
Canada- English Pale Ale- 0.5% ABV. Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer, This dry-hopped pale ale is deliciously refreshing. The nose has hints of pine and honey. Reduced Gluten and Low Calorie.
here’s no reason to sacrifice hop flavor and aroma when choosing a non-alc beer. You can get a flying start on your fitness goals, seasonal diets, or simply have an alternative when out on the town. With a big hop presence on your nose and palate, and just enough bitterness to please the pickiest hop heads, you just might trade your NEIPA, for our NAIPA.
Sunset Stoke is our epically refreshing Red IPA. Featuring Simcoe and Mosaic hops, this IPA has a subtle malt undertow and huge waves of hop flavor from pine to citrus to stone fruit. We brewed it in honor of the sun and the sea, and our favorite time to best enjoy both. Here’s to catching the stoke from coast to coast.
Two Roots Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Craft Lager, "GOLD" medal winner at the 2019 and 2021 Great American Beer Festival, is firmly rooted in its German tradition, our golden non-alcoholic helles is made with only Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Hops. This clean refreshing near beer is perfect for any occasion. Understood and beloved worldwide - Enough Said.
This non-alcoholic beer brings you the IPA flavor profile you love, without the buzz. Citra and Motueka hops give this IPA aromas of citrus, pine, and just a touch of tropical fruit. Soft on the palate with a slightly dry finish, Rescue Club IPA bursts with citrus fruit flavor. Bright and refreshing, you can always reach for a Rescue Club!
The ultimate session-able IPA. Perfectly balanced and brewed with all organic malt and a blend of five Northwest hops. The approachable bitterness and classic piney, citrusy aroma blend perfectly with the subtle, yet complex malt profile. Run Wild IPA stands shoulder to shoulder with the best full- strength IPAs in terms of taste and has the awards to prove it.
A refreshing, medium-bodied ale brewed with blood orange peel and coriander. The bright blue labels have zero alcohol and are available throughout the United States. The dark blue labels are non-alcoholic infused with 5 mg THC per can and are only available for purchase at licensed recreational dispensaries in Colorado.
In movies, special effects make you think you're seeing the unbelievable. In Brooklyn Special Effects, we're making you taste something incredible: a delicious non-alcoholic brew. Brooklyn Special Effects is a hoppy lager with an unexpected zesty aroma and pleasantly bitter finish. The beer gets its bready sweetness from a blend of specialty malts, and its surprising nose from dry-hopping with citrus-forward hops--a technique rarely used in non-alcoholic brewing. We use a specially developed fermentation method that limits the amount of alcohol that is created, while allowing more traditional beer flavors to develop. It tastes just like a regular beer, but therein lies the special effect: it's not.
After two years of thoughtful research and brewing, Samuel Adams brewers created a perfect union of recipe, ingredients and proprietary NA brewing methods to successfully maintain the flavor and aroma of a juicy, hazy IPA while producing very little alcohol, just 0.5% ABV. Unlike the watery mouthfeel and unfamiliar taste of many of today’s NA options, Just The Haze is full-bodied with a smooth finish. Savvy IPA drinkers will recognize the use of Sabro, Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops. The grains are 2-row summer barley, white wheat and oats purposefully selected to create a full-bodied, easy-drinking NA IPA. Visually, Just The Haze is almost identical to Samuel Adams’ popular New England IPA and features consistent IPA foam character, deep head retention, a golden color and medium haze.